Saint Jude Thaddeus, First Century

Feast day: October 28 When all else fails, when we are in the most difficult of situations, we turn to Saint Jude, “Helper of the Helpless” and Saint of the Impossible. Patron of: Impossible Causes One of the original 12 apostles, Jude is depicted with the flame of knowledge received from the Holy Spirit at […]

Feast of St. Peregrine 1265 – 1345, May 1

 “You had recourse to the source of all grace when the power of man could do no more” St. Peregrine 1265 – 1345 Patron of: Cancer A victim of cancer himself, Saint Peregrine not only had to accept the reality of his illness, but also the instantaneous healing of that disease through the intercession of […]

Saint Catherine of Siena

1347—1380 Feast Day is April 29 is the patron saint of Fire Protection, Italy, Nursing Services, Activism Action and activism are the essence of Saint Catherine of Siena. Passionately devoted to the salvation of mankind, she left an astounding legacy of four hundred written letters and a devotional Dialogue that are considered great classics in literature. […]

August Novena’s

St. Alphonsus Liguori 1696 – 1787 Feast Day: August 1 Doctor of the Church Patron: Arthritis sufferers Keywords: Confessors, Moral Theologians, Lawyers, Scruples “Your God is ever beside you, indeed He is even within you.” Symbols: chin in chest, writing pen, book, bishops’ hat and staff So crippled with arthritis that he could not lift […]

St.s Joachim and Anne First Century BC

Patron of: Grandparents, Child Rearing, Childless People, Family Crisis, Mothers, Pregnancy. Grandparents are the foundation of a family and we invoke Saints Joachim and Anne for strength in every sort of family crisis. As parents of the Virgin Mary and the grandparents of Jesus Christ, they offer a vast array of earthly experiences relatable to […]

Novena for June: St. Anthony, June 13

St. Anthony, June 13 Wonder and miracles are infused with every story of Saint Anthony. Though he has been dead for almost 800 years, he is still the most popular saint in the world and his statue is found in every Catholic Church. Saint Anthony is best known as the patron saint of lost articles […]