Saint Catherine of Siena

1347—1380 Feast Day is April 29 is the patron saint of Fire Protection, Italy, Nursing Services, Activism Action and activism are the essence of Saint Catherine of Siena. Passionately devoted to the salvation of mankind, she left an astounding legacy of four hundred written letters and a devotional Dialogue that are considered great classics in literature. […]

Feast of Padre Pio, September 23

Padre Pio 1887-1968 Patron of: Forgiveness, Healing, Miracles, Reconciliation. Denounced by Vatican officials as a fraud, and his mystical gifts frequently viewed with suspicion by his immediate superiors, Pio of Pietracelina was sequestered away in the remote monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo where it was expected that he would labor as a monk in obscurity. […]