Saint Valentine 269 a.d.

Feast Day: February 14 Patron of: beekeepers, engaged couples, greeting card manufacturers, happy marriages, love, lovers, young people Invoked against: epilepsy, fainting, plague Symbols: birds, martyr’s palms, rose, sun, sword His feast day is embedded in Western civilization. His name has become synonymous with a certain type of romantic card, yet few realize that Valentine […]

St. Gerard Majella 1726 – 1755

Feast Day: October 16 Keywords: expectant mothers, infertility, lay brothers, mothers, pregnancy Mystic A quiet and humble lay brother in the newly found Redemptorist order, St. Gerard Majella did not display his great mystical gifts until the last three years of his life. Before his early death at the age of twenty-nine, he was known […]

 St. Francis of Assisi 1182 – 1226

“Lord make me an instrument of they peace, where there is hatred let me sow love.” Patron of: animals, ecology, grace, green technology, light, love, merchants, nature, peace, pets, tapestry workers, harmony, dying alone Type: Mystic Love for God and everything in creation so consumed St. Francis of Assisi, that he was able to commune […]


1204-1240 Feast Day: August 31 Patron of: Newborns Keywords: midwives, obstetricians, expectant mothers, women in labor, falsely accused, secrets, fever Quote: “For many hours you did not die in the womb of your dead mother and you were successfully delivered from her side to be the joy of the world.” Symbols: monstrance, palms with three […]


331 – 387 Feast Day: August 28 Patron of: Wayward Children Quote: “Nothing is far from God.” Keywords: abuse victims, adultery victims, alcoholics, housewives, married women, mothers, patience, wayward children Symbols: tears, girdle Though she was greatly hurt and disappointed by her firstborn son, St. Monica never gave up the idea that he would change […]


First Century B.C. Feast Day: July 26 Patron of : Grandparents Keywords: child rearing, childless people, fathers, family crisis, infertility, mothers, pregnancy Quote: “O blessed couple, all the world is indebted to you, for it is by your means that it can offer to its Creator the most excellent gift possible, her who is worthy […]

Saint Joan of Arc

Feast Day: May 30 Patron of: France, Orleans, Rouen, captives, opposition of Church authorities, radio workers, rape victims, shepherds, wireless telegraph workers, women in the military Invoked for: strength in the face of opposition Invoked against: fires in woodpiles Symbols: armor, standard, sword Saint Joan of Arc (or Jeanne d’Arc ) is both a secular […]

Saint Rita of Cascia: Impossible Causes, May 22

1386-1457 Patron of: Impossible Causes Quote: “…In patience and fortitude you are a model of all the states in life.” Keywords: Impossible, Desperation, bad marriages, spousal abuse, widows, bodily ills, loneliness, smallpox, sterility Symbols: roses, thorns, bees, wounded head An abused wife, a mother who’s children died, a widow of a murdered husband, and finally, […]

Novena App for March, States of Life: Saint Joseph, patron of Fathers

Feast Day: March 19 Patron of: Fathers Quote: “I know by experience that the glorious Saint Joseph assists us generally in all necessities. I never asked him for anything which he did not obtain for me.” Saint Teresa of Avila Keywords: carpenters, catholic church, families, homeless, pregnant women, unborn children, workers, family protection, to find […]