About us

Two women from Manhattan. Growing up in Catholic Italian households. Our days filled with stories of the saints. We want to bring our love for Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Mary, The Mother of God, the saints and angels to you—sometimes in their own words. We hope you find inspiration in their lives, hope and gratitude.

Barbara Calamari and designer Sandra DiPasqua who have created uniquely beautiful books about the saints for Penguin Studios and Harry Abrams, which have appealed to history buffs and art fans outside of the traditional religious market.

Teaming up with of Grey Dog Apps, we created a beautiful and spiritual new app, Novena app.

The saints, having been human, lived every type of earthly existence and it is in the details of their life stories that we find their patronages. By invoking the saints, we ask for guidance in overcoming our own earthly trials, much like one would ask advice of a family member or friend. Meditating on the lives of these remarkable people inspires us to conquer our own personal obstacles.

In the Catholic religion a novena is a nine day period of prayer. Usually the novena prayer is recited nine times in a row for nine consecutive days, the repetetive nature of the prayer serves to bring on a quiet and meditative state. When ones mind quiets down, it allows the solution to a problem to appear or even help in the acceptance of an unchangeable life challenge.

View other work for sandra dipasqua at 248creativemediagroup.com.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. I love the novenas on this site! Are all available in one book that can be purchased? I’ve checked out several novena books but try aren’t exactly worded as it is on this website.


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