Novena app


Pray with your favorite Saints, Angels, Evangelists, Hermits, Holy People, Martyrs, Mystics, for health, occupations, situations,  and states of life.

The saints, having been human, lived every type of earthly existence. It is the details of their life stories that give them their patronages. By invoking the saints, we ask for guidance in overcoming our own earthly trials, much like one would ask advice of a family member or friend. Meditating on the lives of these remarkable people inspires us to conquer our challenges. In the Catholic religion a novena is a nine day period of prayer. Usually the novena prayer is recited nine times in a row for nine consecutive days. The novenas in this app are universally known, the repetetive nature of the prayer serves to bring on a quiet and meditative state. When ones mind quiets down, it allows the solution to a problem to appear. Our beautiful vintage images depict the saints with all of their enigmatic attributes and symbols. Brief explanations of these symbols are given to explain the visual iconography in their images.

Download the novena app from the iTunes store.
We are happy to give away as gifts every year. email:sandra@sandradipasqua, and we will gift the app to you. this offer is limited but we will try our best.  Please put Novena app in the subject.

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