St. Joseph, First Century

“I know by experience that the glorious Saint Joseph assists us generally in all necessities. I never asked him for anything which he did not obtain for me.” —Saint Teresa of Avila Patron of: Fathers A righteous man who never shirked his responsibilities as protector of his family, Saint Joseph offers a perfect example for […]

The Women With Jesus

Luke refers to a number of people accompanying Jesus and the twelve. From among them he names three women: “Mary, called Magdalene, … and Joanna the wife of Herod’s steward Chuza, and Susanna, and many others, who provided for them out of their resources” (Luke 8:2-3). SAINT MARY MAGDALENE Apostle to the Apostles First Century Feast Day: […]

St. Vincent Ferrer

 “Christ, master of humility, manifests his truth only to the humble and hides himself from the proud.” Patron of: Builders, construction workers, brick makers, epilepsy, fields, headaches, inn keepers, lightning strikes, penance, plumbers, preachers, tile makers, reconciliation, roofers, vineyards Feast Day: April 5 Symbols: Dominican habit, flame overhead, trumpets, banner Born in Valencia, Spain to an […]

The Last Supper and Jesus’ Final Teachings

The room where the Last Supper took place. Jerusalem, Israel. The Last Supper and Jesus’ Final Teaching (22:7-38) Luke loves meals. This is his seventh meal scene; it is also one of his most dramatic (see 5:29-32; 7:36-50; 9:12-17; 10:38-42; 11:37-54; 14:1-24; two more remain, 24:28-32, 36-43). At the dinner table friends can enjoy fellowship […]

Holy Week Saints: Saint Jude

Shine of Saint Jude in New Orleans Saint Jude, Apostle Feast Day: October 28 Patron of: impossible causes Invoked for: help in times of desperation Symbols: Club, cloth with image of Jesus, flame over head, “…in accordance with his surname Thaddeus [meaning generous or loving], he will show himself most willing to give help.” Saint Bridget […]