OUR LADY OF FATIMA                                    The twentieth century has been the bloodiest and most violent in the history . During Mary’s visits to Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, she foretold not only the terrors of the Russian Revolution and World War II, but also made a third prediction, never released, as it was judged far too […]

SAINT DYMPHNA 605-620   Because of her personal knowledge of the terror and misery caused by madness, Saint Dymphna offers great comfort and consolation to those afflicted with mental disorders and also to their families. Her burial site continues to be a place of miraculous healing, and Gheel, in Belgium, the town where it is […]

SAINT PEREGRINE 1265 – 1345  Saint Peregrine experienced firsthand the despair of the incurably ill. Stricken with a gangrenous cancer, he came to accept not only the severity of his illness, but also the miracle of his healing at the hands of Christ. As a result of Saint Peregrine’s example of acceptance and faith, he […]

  Fever / Genevieve, 422–500, Feast Day: January 3   This young mystic saved the city of Paris from starvation after an invasion by the Franks. She was so respected by the conquering forces that she converted the king. She later repelled an invasion by Attila the Hun with the power of her prayer. When […]

The feast of the Infant of Prague  January 14 Appeal to the Infant of Prague in times of desperation, to stop an epidemic or for abundance Few novenas promise the instantaneous results of those to the Infant of Prague. It necessitates a suspension of all doubt as it is completed in one day over a […]