Sharing Everyday Miracles

THANK YOU_EDAYTo be out of debt.


My everyday miracle is my Beautiful Family that I am Blessed with.

My devotion to Jesus and The Blessed Mother help me to get thru everyday trials n tribulations.

The blessed virgin delivered a family member from addiction. Saved her life…

Good marriage.

I can say that Saint Peregrine must have had a hand in healing my dad from Stage IV cancer. My dad was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer at the age of 48. We were told it was terminal and at 24 years old, I was prematurely mourning the loss of my father and best friend before he was even gone. It is 6 years later and he’s healed and still with us. Although he suffers from a multitude of other health problems, I can say it is a miracle that the cancer is gone.

I went into a church to say some prayers before going to work on the weekend. I had taken my lunch in a plastic ziplock bag with me. I placed the bag next to me on the pew and closed my eyes and knelt. I was think about two things— I wished I had an extra $20.00 to donate to St. Anthony’s bread and the other that I had judged a friend mother who had recently died to harshly and I was asking for forgiveness. When Iopened my eyes and sat back down on the pew I found a $20.00 bill and folded sheets of paper cliped to my plastic lunch bag (the sheets had forgivenesss prayers on them). That is my everyday miracle.