Saint Rita of Cascia  1377–1447. Feast Day: May 22. Patron of: Impossible Causes. Marital Problems.
Married to an abusive man who was murdered, Rita tried to join the local Augustinian convent after the death of her two sons. She was refused three times. Saint John the Baptist, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, and Saint Augustine appeared to her and advised her to try again. She was accepted and became known for the power of her prayers. She meditated on Christ’s passion and is shown with a thorn in her head because she begged to feel a part of Christ’s suffering. She is always depicted with roses because upon her death, the roses in her garden bloomed off season so that they could adorn her casket.

Novena to Saint Rita of Cascia

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Dining With the Saints in honor of Saint Rita of Cascia

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