Some Novenas for May



1377 – 1447

Abused wife, mother, widow, and nun, Saint Rita experienced her earthly life on many different levels. Because of this, she is invoked more frequently than the Virgin Mary in many regions of the world. Her novena is said to work miracles in impossible situations. Because of her own terrible marriage, it is particularly effective in the case of marital difficulties.


Novena Prayer to Saint Rita


O holy protectress of those who art in greatest need,

O you who shine as a star of hope in the midst of darkness,

blessed Saint Rita, bright mirror of God’s grace,

in patience and in fortitude you are a model of all the states in life.

I unite my will with the will of God through the merits of my

Savior, Jesus Christ, and in particular through his patient

wearing of the crown of thorns, which with tender devotion

you daily contemplated. Through the merits of the holy

Virgin Mary and your own graces and virtues,

I ask you to obtain my earnest petition,

provided it be for the greater glory of God

and my own sanctification. Guide and purify my intention,

O holy protectress and advocate, so that I may obtain

The pardon of all my sins and the grace to preserve daily,

as you did in walking with courage,

generosity, and fidelity down the path of life.

(Mention your request).


Saint Rita, advocate of the impossible, pray for us.

Saint Rita, advocate of the helpless, pray for us.


Recite Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be three times each


Say this novena nine times in a row for nine days in a row.


 Saint Rita is the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes.

She is invoked to heal Marital Problems.

 Feast Day: May 22

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