Breast Disorders: Agatha

D. 251     Feast Day: February 5

A virgin martyr from Catania, Sicily, Agatha is closely identified with the protection of her homeland. When she refused to renounce her Christian faith, Agatha was tortured by having her breasts cut off. While in prison, Saint Peter came and healed her. She was later killed by being rolled in burning coals. At the same time, a great earthquake shook Catania, destroying her persecutors. Her veil is still used to ward off the eruptions of nearby Mount Etna.

Other Patronages: Malta, Burns, Pulmonary Diseases, Bell Ringers, Bell Makers, Brass Workers, Cloth Makers, Glass Workers, Wet Nurses, Nursing Mothers

Invoked Against: Fires, Volcanic Eruptions

Novena to Saint Agatha

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