Coughing:   Saint Blaise

D. 316     Feast Day: February 3

An Armenian bishop known for his healing powers, Blaise took refuge in a forest during a time of persecution. When many animals stayed by his side, angry hunters reported him to the authorities. While in prison, he healed a boy choking on a fishbone by praying in his cell. Condemned to death, he then promised to protect all who brought a candle to church on his feast fay. He is commemorated on his feast during the “Blessing of the Throats.”

Other Patronages:  Croatia, sick cattle, wild animals, builders, carders, laryngologists, mattress makers, swineherds, wind musicians, wool workers

Invoked against: Goiter, Throat Disease

The above patron saints descriptions are excerpted from the book: “Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards” by Barbara Calamari and Sandra DiPasqua. Unless otherwise notated, all images are fom the holy card collection of Father Eugene Carrella.


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