Novena App

Explore the stories and enigmatic symbols of some of the most popular saints, their patronages, and their devotions. Meditate and say a novena to your favorite saint or learn something new about a saint that you don’t know much about. Link below to the apple store.

The app is for iPhone or iPad.

I can gift you an app if you email me your address to

2 thoughts on “Novena App

  1. dear chifundo, right now the novena app is not available for android. we are working on it. i’m sorry it’s not available for your phone. thank you so much for your interest. stay safe. best regards, sandy dipasqua


  2. Dear Sandra,

    I just want to whether you also design the Novena apps for Android phones or not, because most of the time I have seen that you let us know that such apps are only meant for the IPhone.

    Currently am still using the Android phone.

    Thank you.


    Chifundo Maluwa.


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