Saint Jude Patron Saint of Impossible Causes


Saint Jude Thaddeus

First Century

Patron of: Impossible Causes

Feast Day: October 28

Invoked: for help in Desperate Times

Attributes: Club, Cloth with image of Jesus, Flame over head

When all else fails, when we are in the most difficult of situations, we turn to Saint Jude, “Helper of the Helpless” and Saint of the Impossible.

One of the original 12 apostles, Jude is depicted with the flame of knowledge received from the Holy Spirit at the Pentecost burning above his head. Brother of James the Lesser and cousin of Jesus, Jude was one of Christ’s earliest followers.  He earned his title of Patron Saint of Impossible Causes because of a letter he wrote in 60AD to persecuted Christian converts in the East, exhorting them to stay strong in the face of all difficulties.

The name Jude means giver of joy and the name Thaddeus means great hearted one and  this saint was said to live up to his name, attracting immense crowds by preaching in an entertaining way, outwitting magicians and local priests.   Abgar, the King of Edessa was quite impressed with Jude and appealed to Jesus cure his leprosy. He sent an artist to draw Christ’s image. The artist was so shaken by the glow in Christ’s eyes, he could not draw. Christ wiped his face with a cloth and the image of his face was transferred to it. Jude brought the cloth back to Abgar and the king rubbed the cloth over his body, curing himself of leprosy. Many depictions and statues of Saint Jude include this cloth with Christ’s image on it. Jude was martyred along with Saint Simon in the city of Samir by being beaten with a club. This club, as well as the palms of martyrdom are also part of his iconography

The cult of Saint Jude all but died out after the Middle Ages because people confused him with Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Christ. Despite being cited as a great influence by the mystics Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and Saint Bridget of Sweden, Jude was rarely invoked by the faithful for anything. It is said that because of this, he became the saint to call on in the most impossible of situations. So anxious was he to be of help, he would turn heaven and earth to rectify a desperate situation. By the nineteenth century, it became customary to thank the saint for help with answered prayers by taking an ad in the newspaper. This helped to resurrect his popularity and these small “Thank you Saint Jude” ads can be found in many weekly and daily periodicals in present day.

Unfailing Prayer to Saint Jude

Glorious apostle, Saint Jude Thaddeus, I salute you through the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through his heart I praise and thank God for all the graces he has bestowed upon you. I implore you, through his love, to look upon me with compassion. Do not despise my poor prayer. Do not let my trust be confounded! God has granted to you the privilege of aiding mankind in the most desperate cases. Oh, come to my aid that I may praise the mercies of God! All my life I will be your grateful client until I can thank you in heaven.

(Mention your request here).

Saint Jude, pray for us, and for all who invoke your aid.

(Excerpted from the App, “Novena: Praying With the Saints”).

20 thoughts on “Saint Jude Patron Saint of Impossible Causes

  1. St Jude, my family is suffering. I have cancer and my daughter is sick constantly. My husband got robbed and his money taken away. Please pray that by some miracle my daughter is healed and that my husband can recover some of his money. And lastly that my cancer will be be cured for ever and never to return. Thank you. Amen


  2. st. jude thank you for watching over me through all of this please do not leave me behind things are meant to be a certain way. I am ready to follow the rules I say this in your name jesus and st. jude


  3. St. Jude please guide us as we travel to our children. My grandbabies are my best reason for my trip. please have the guarding angels ready for my trip,look out for my house also.
    I say this in your name St Jude!


  4. dear St. Jude please give me your loving guidance for my house to be sold and the transition at work will run smooth please never give up on me. please try to help when and if you if you have the time.
    my angel has been working hand in hand with me they are all
    loving spirits. thank you amen!!!!


  5. St. Jude please help me to have my house sold. I need strength to face the changes at work in the next few days. Send as my guardian angels as possible.


  6. st jude this is your day for your soul. I’m giving my heart and soul to you today to keep my faith and hope alive. pray for paul and the sale of my house!!! I say this in your name st. jude and our lord jesus Christ Amen.


  7. Praying to St. Jude as I’m in a bad financial situation. I’ve read that he has helped many people many times in incredible ways. I pray to him to show me the light and find my way out of this predicament.


  8. i would love to remain anonymous, st Jude helped my sister in her desperate time when he intervened, please pray for me that he helps us again on my relationship with the man i see as the love of my life and hubby, my friend and sisters with their relationships that they last forever with prayer and our graduation in 2016, also the pitch we will be presenting to a well know brand and channel that we get it and all our financial problems to be of the past. and our frienships with all our friends remain forever real and true. Amen


  9. Dear Lord,

    Asking for your assistance this entire week. You are aware of the challenges I am facing at work. Dear Lord, please help me in a mighty way. Requesting for you to send your angels to surround me. Amen.


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