Novena For February


Saint Josephine Bakhita

1869 – 1947

Feast Day: February 8

Patron of: Sudan

Invoked against: Slavery



Novena to Saint Jospehine Bakhita

St. Josephine Bakhita, you were sold into slavery

as a child

and endured untold hardship and suffering.

Once liberated from your physical enslavement,

you found true redemption in your encounter with

Christ and his Church.

O St. Bakhita, assist all those who are trapped in a

state of slavery;

Intercede with God on their behalf

so that they will be released from their chains

of captivity.

Those whom man enslaves, let God set free.

Provide comfort to survivors of slavery

and let them look to you as an example of hope

and faith.

Help all survivors find healing from their wounds.

We ask for your prayers and intercessions for

those enslaved among us.


1 thought on “Novena For February

  1. I love Saint Bakhita thank you for showing happiness can still be in a world full of hate. We are going from hating people with a different color to hate of those who choose to be a Christian. Why is the government allowed in our personal lives. We choose to live as we wish as long as were not hurting anyone even though we may be hurting our selves. Jesus will be our judge and you must seek him to find him. He can’t be made to be who we want him to be. If you say you don’t believe in God then yes you do still have beleif. You believe in no God. This country is being sucked into an abyss of one hate replacing another. One persection has now exchanged hands. Loving others instead of ourselves is the only way to true peace. Love doesn’t require liking or agreeing on every subject. This world is a scary place to be. Justice is no longer Justice. No morales exist. Cursing is common place, Babies and the eldery are an inconvienace. The very one’s we throw away have taken care of or will take care of us in the future. Pray for us St. Bakhita for Mercy .


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