Childless People / Julian the Hospitaller, dates unknown, Feast Day: February 12

A noble layman, Julian was out hunting when a stag warned him that one day he would kill his own parents. To avoid this fate, he moved far away and married. After years of searching, his parents located him and went to surprise him. Returning to his house, he saw two figures in bed. Thinking his wife was with another man, he killed them. Turning back the covers, he saw it was his parents. He and his wife then gave up everything and went on a pilgrimage. Julian did penance, helping the poor and opening a sanctuary for lepers, until he earned divine forgiveness.

Other patronages: hospitality; boatmen, circus workers, clowns, fiddlers, innkeepers, jugglers, murderers, pilgrims, shepherds

Invoked: to find lodging while traveling

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