Dairy Workers / Brigid of Ireland, 453–523,
Feast Day: February 1

The daughter of a pagan king and a Christian slave, Brigid helped her mother run her owner’s  dairy with great success, despite the fact that she gave away more than they sold. After refusing to marry, Brigid entered into religious service and started the great Monastery of Kildare for men and women, which had a world-famous art school. She traveled extensively, founding religious houses throughout Ireland, and is buried with Saints Patrick and Columba.

Other patronages: Ireland, New Zealand; nuns, poultry workers, sailors, scholars, travelers; children with unmarried parents, fugitives, newborns

Invoked: against fire

Above Patron Saints excerpted from the book: “Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards” by Barbara Calamari and Sandra DiPasqua. All images are from the collection of Father Eugene Carrella.

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