Skin Diseases / Anthony the Abbot, 251–356,
Feast Day: January 17

Known as the father of Christian monasticism, Anthony lived a solitary existence in the desert under the motto “pray and work.” Constantly tempted by the Devil, he is frequently depicted with his pet pig. In the Middle Ages, pig products were used to calm skin inflammations, and praying to Anthony was said to relieve the pain of shingles and a contagious skin disease known as “St. Anthony’s Fire.”

Other patronages: domestic animals, pigs; bell makers, bell ringers, butchers, brush makers, firefighters, gravediggers, grocers, hermits, swineherds

Invoked: against the fires of hell, infections

Dining With the Saints in Honor of Saint Antonio Abate

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  1. I so much love Saint Anthony Abbot and plead his permission to allow me take him as my friend and patron since his feast day also falls on my birth day. Oh God, through the intercession of Saint Anthony, make me to be like him, so as to serve you in silence and solitude with a spirit of prayers, penance and mortification, through Christ our Lord i pray. Amen.


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