Convulsions / Willibrord, 658–739, Feast Day: November 7

Born in England, Willibrord was a missionary in Denmark and Holland. He died founding a Benedictine monastery in Luxembourg. At his shrine there, a dance procession lasting several hours is performed in honor of his role in ending an epidemic of St. Vitus’ dance. The dance consists of three steps forward and five steps back, circling the saint’s tomb, and then leaving the church. This dance is also supposed to have curative powers for those with nervous disorders.

Other patronages: Luxembourg, the Netherlands

Invoked: against chorea, epilepsy, herpes, lumbago


The above Patron Saints are excerpted from the book: “Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards” by Barbara Calamari and Sandra DiPasqua. All images are from the holy card collection of Father Eugene Carrella.

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