Dominican Republic / Dominic de Guzman, 1170–1221, Feast Day: August 8

The island nation of Hispaniola was named after this saint in 1508, shortly after its discovery by the Spanish. Dominic founded the traveling Order of Preachers (known as the Dominicans) to combat heresies by preaching from town to town. Before his birth, his grandmother saw him with a star shining from his forehead, shedding light on the world, and his mother had a vision of him as a little dog in her womb who, when born, set the world on fire with a torch he carried in his mouth.

Other patronages: Bologna, Caleruega (Spain), Naples, Tolosa (Spain); astronomy; astronomers, preachers, scientists, seamstresses, tailors; falsely accused people

Invoked: against drowning

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