Amputees / Anthony of Padua, 1195–1231,
Feast Day: June 13

A Franciscan preacher known as “the Wonder Worker,” Anthony is one of the most popular saints in the world. In one of the many miracle stories about him, when a boy kicked his mother in front of the saint, his foot came off. Anthony reattached it after the boy apologized.

Other patronages: Portugal; draftees, potters, seamen, sellers of strawberries; barren women, orphans, prisoners, shipwrecked people

Invoked: to find lost articles, a husband; against infertility

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  1. hello all lovers of St.Anthony,

    I thank St.Anthony for his gentle way and beautiful sermons.Thanks Erica for the medal of St.Anthony,you gave me for my 50th birthday.I wear it all the time.Thankyou Sandi and Pat for a lovely night.May St Anthony bless and heal all who need it.



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