Saint Patrick

 389 – 461 

Though not usually considered a novena saint, Saint Patrick is called upon by many for faith in the most trying of circumstances. Since he himself was forced to submit to living in a country not of his own choosing, he asists in accepting difficult situations where there is little hope of change. The patron saint of Ireland, he is credited with single-handedly changing the beliefs of the entire Irish nation through the purity and intensity of his faith. Saint Patrick’s following has spread to wherever the Irish have settled, especially in North America and Australia. He could never have imagined the astounding impact that his work in Ireland would have on the world.

 Novena to Saint Patrick

     O great apostle of Ireland, glorious Saint Patrick,

     To whom under God so many are indebted for the most

     Precious of all treasures, the great gift of faith,

     Receive our fervant thanks for the zeal and charity

     That have been to thousands the blessings so

     invaluable. We ask your intervention in receiving


     (Mention your request here). Ask for all who dwell in this land and the land of thy labors the precious light of Faith, and beg for us on whom its

glorious rays have long since beamed, the grace to regulate our lives by its sacred maxims. Amen


Say this novena nine times in a row for nine days in a row.

 Feast Day: March 17

 Patron Saint of: Ireland, Nigeria

 Invoked: for Faith, against rabies, serpents, the torments of hell



2 thoughts on “SOME SAINTS FOR MARCH

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  2. Will you be putting up any St. Patrick’s day recipes? I’m really sick of corned beef and cabbage. I’ve heard in Ireland they make salmon. That sounds really good. Got any good Irish salmon recipes?

    Maureen De Mane


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