Visions of Mary ebook. Free download for month of May.

VisonsofMary_ebook2016v2VisonsofMary_ebook2016vcoverIt is said that the modern age of Mary was ushered in with the visits paid to Saint Catherine Laboure in 1831. Since then, the Blessed Mother has been seen steadily by seers in almost every country in the world. In this book we relate some of the Marian apparitions that are sanctioned by the Catholic Church; there are thousands more that are well known but unofficial. When Mary visits, she appears in the race of and speaking the language of the person who sees her. She can be sweet and kind or angry and insistent.

The visionaries who see her enjoy no great material reward. They are often
people who have little religious belief. They are usually mocked and harassed by their own community. Many have died young, not having been spared by the parameters of the lives they were born into. Some are honored in their lifetime, some choose to retire from the world, others continue on with their lives, never again experiencing any supernatural or spiritual events. The messages they relay from Mary for the human race are all basically the same, “Do whatever He tells you.”

3 thoughts on “Visions of Mary ebook. Free download for month of May.

  1. Together and with others we pray for visible signs of Christian unity throughout all parts of the Internet. Come Lord Jesus.


  2. I clicked the link to download, but nothing happened. Would you know how to get it downloaded?

    Thank you.



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